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We have recently been covered on a couple of blogs:

VS Consulting Group – following Startups and Tech Trends

TechNation Australia – technology news and reviews

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Building awareness post-launch

This afternoon I spent a few hours with Norman nutting out a sales and marketing plan for the launch of the product. Our strategy is one which practically guarantees that the product will not be bug free or feature rich upon launch, so it is hard to know how much to push the marketing in the first 30-60 days.We want people coming in and using the product and providing immediate feedback, but we don’t want really want to hit the front page of Techcrunch until we are a little further down the track. We need to get the balance right.

TrickyTix’s Scott Handsaker (left) and Norman Aquino nut out early strategy

Yellow Pages? Waste of time for our model, and would take too long.
Radio and TV? Don’t have the budget.
Advertising? Maybe – depends on the publication.
Blogosphere? Yes please.

So the mix we have come up with is an attempt to strike a balance between the need to attract people from day 1, but not so many that we can’t focus on product development (which is the aim for the first 90 days).

0-30 days (first month)

  • Media Release (multiple)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Organic Search (link building)
  • Direct Mail (postcard campaign to selected niche market)
  • Blogosphere Buzz

We are an online app, so I think it is right that 60% of our efforts (PPC, link building and blog buzz) are devoted to building awareness to customers that are online. It is effectively a “soft launch” strategy, but that’s what we need.

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