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Hire number 1

It’s a brand new year, and a new year surely deserves a brand new employee?

Meet Carlos “Tommy” Williams.


Tommy is the guy on the far right, doing the great guitar face. Unfortunately he won’t be playing lead guitar for Trickytix (we don’t yet have a punk band started up).

Instead Tommy has been producing clean, well constructed code for the backend.

He has been madly coding away for the last month, as we put the finishing touches on a project for our first Trickytix client.  Due to launch in a few weeks time, our office has been a little frenetic as we race to make sure everything is perfect.

Early 2008 milestones:

  • Hired our first 100% Trickytix focused developer
  • Opened up the software to the very first paying client
  • One of the founders and his partner welcomed their first child (Hi Jett!)

It has been a good start to the year, and we have big plans for the months ahead.

BTW – for those of you doing a start up and looking for ideas as to how to fit out the office, you could do worse than copy the guys at Freshview.  I want to work there! 🙂


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We are hiring…

Ever wanted to work in a start-up environment? If so, we are in need of a full time php developer based out of our Melbourne office.

This could be your desk. Don’t worry, we will add a second monitor for you as soon as you start.

Trickytix Desk

This could be the view from our office that you see each day (sorry, can’t see the beach from here).

View from Trickytix office

Apologies for the lousy images. My phone makes a better talky box than it does a camera.

The full advert is at Seek, but the basic details are below:

Job Advert

We are a small web development company based in Melbourne, using predominantly open source products.

We are looking for a junior php developer to come on board and help us out with a variety of web development projects. You will be working on a combination of small and large projects, including helping us build a web application. The web app has lots of interesting bits of code for you to enhance and develop, under the tuition of our lead developer.

We need this person sooner rather than later, and are willing to offer a full time role to the right candidate.


More important than actual PHP experience is a solid understanding of OOP, good problem solving skills, the ability to be able to work independently and be a quick learner.

We will consider training someone with strong OOP skills in another language as long as they have a good theoretical knowledge of how to program.


Any experience in the following would be handy but not essential:

  • PHP 5
  • MySql 5
  • Linux (bash scripting extra handy)
  • Subversion
  • XHTML/ CSS / Javascript
  • Web api’s
  • Model / view / controller pattern

We are offering monthly RDO’s, a good starting salary with a guaranteed yearly increase and profit sharing. Our office is very casual and relaxed.

Apply online at Seek.

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To start or not to start

Marc Andreessen (he of Netscape fame), posted yesterday on reasons Not to do a Startup. It makes for great reading, and it made me think about why I decided to go down this path.Marc begins with covering some of the positives of a start-up environment:

  1. The opportunity to be in control of your own destiny
  2. The opportunity to create something new
  3. The opportunity to have an impact on the world
  4. The ability to create your ideal culture and work with a dream team of people
  5. Money

While my motives have ebbed and flowed with time, my primary motivations are a healthy dose of 1, a dash of 3, and a side serve of 5.

This quote from the article sums me up perfectly:

you get to succeed or fail on your own, and you don’t have some bozo telling you what to do. For a certain kind of personality, this alone is reason enough to do a start-up.

My career history is marked by “nose bleed pace” rises up the corporate chain, followed by spectacular flame outs. I would rise just to the point where I either completely fecked up, or hit an internal executive who didn’t think it was up to me be explaining why their particular strategy was a pile of poo. I’ve never been sacked (perhaps I wasn’t trying hard enough), but I’ve seen the writing on the wall twice now.

To quote Andreessen again, in a post on hiring right:

Driven people don’t tend to stay long at places where they can’t succeed, and just because they haven’t succeeded in the wrong companies doesn’t mean they won’t succeed at your company-if they’re driven.

True words indeed.

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Hiring the right people

Scott Handsaker – 13th June 2007

Finding the right people for your start up is crucial, and this is especially true with a technology orientated company. You want developers who are ridiculously smart – people who spend their leisure hours trying to problem solve rather than relax in front of the box.

Have we got the right people?

Our database consultant got bored on the long weekend, and so decided to build himself a robot. He hooked it up to his GPS system, and as I type it is currently mapping out his bedroom.

I think we found the right guy.

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