Back from an extended blogging break…

As someone who has been a little slack at adding to his blog, let me briefly explain. In the last two months, the following has happened:

  • Launched beta 1.0 of Trickytix to two major clients (Mothers Day Classic and RSPCA)
  • Helped each client make more money for themselves than previous years
  • Engaged a consulting firm to assist us in our funding requirements
  • Pitched at two different investor breakfasts (Sydney and Melbourne)
  • Networked existing contacts, peers, friends, family and fellow entrepreneurs for investor contacts
  • Fielded business queries from a range of large and small companies, with two more live customers added to beta 1.0, and five waiting to be slotted into closed testing of Trickytix beta 1.1 (June).
  • Developed a marketing and positioning strategy which sees us aimed squarely at a large, under serviced market
  • Continued development of Trickytix
  • And oh yeah. My first child was born at the Mercy Hospital on Wednesday the 21st of May 2008. Welcome to the world Otis John Handsaker.

You know when Otis is old enough to ego surf, that entry should appear somewhere in the SERP as the first instance of the little fella on the web.

While right now I am on paternity leave, the second half of 2008 is shaping up to be a defining time in the life of Trickytix. I will be back and blogging again, and look forward to sharing my experiences in looking for private equity capital in Australia.

Until then, I have nappies to change. I can smell them from here.


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