Hire number 1

It’s a brand new year, and a new year surely deserves a brand new employee?

Meet Carlos “Tommy” Williams.


Tommy is the guy on the far right, doing the great guitar face. Unfortunately he won’t be playing lead guitar for Trickytix (we don’t yet have a punk band started up).

Instead Tommy has been producing clean, well constructed code for the backend.

He has been madly coding away for the last month, as we put the finishing touches on a project for our first Trickytix client.  Due to launch in a few weeks time, our office has been a little frenetic as we race to make sure everything is perfect.

Early 2008 milestones:

  • Hired our first 100% Trickytix focused developer
  • Opened up the software to the very first paying client
  • One of the founders and his partner welcomed their first child (Hi Jett!)

It has been a good start to the year, and we have big plans for the months ahead.

BTW – for those of you doing a start up and looking for ideas as to how to fit out the office, you could do worse than copy the guys at Freshview.  I want to work there! 🙂


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