An update on the development schedule

I read back over my first post and wonder where the time went. To quote myself from May:

Good enough is good enough, and we will launch something within 8 weeks no matter what

Welllll… good enough is good enough, but you still need to have a functioning product to launch something. This coming Friday the 6th of July was our original launch date, and we acknowledge we are going to miss that.

Setting the deadline in the first place was still a great idea, and it has worked well for us. We have made a lot of progress on the prototype, while still churning out a hell of a lot of client work. But the 6th of July will come and go without a launch.

Reasons for missing the launch?

  1. This is our first web app, and to be honest the 8 week timeline for development was a bit of a guess
  2. Developing an app while completing client work in parallel means resources are pulled out of development at inopportune times. The extra time will allow us to get the business better prepared for the first customer, including sorting out the pricing model (a subject of a future post).

A new launch date has been set internally for the 27th of July 2007, and we are now re-focused on getting a prototype out the door on that date. This first cut is likely to be a closed door beta (invite only), so sign up at TrickyTix if you want to help test.

Visit the Anthill forum

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