The idea and the model

Our new business is called TrickyTix. It is a web based ticketing solution aimed at small businesses and will exist online at event organiser or company will have the ability to visit the website and create a ticketing account for themselves. This account will allow them to then create events which people can purchase tickets for.

The tickets for any event will be available for sale on the TrickyTix website, as well as on the website of the event organiser. Customers will be able to purchase a ticket using a credit card, and have the ticket sent to them via email or SMS.

The money for the tickets sold will be received by TrickyTix and held for a defined period of time. After deducting bookings fees and charges levied to the ticket purchaser, the remaining funds will then be electronically transferred into the Event Organisers nominated account. The fundamental business model is therefore one in which TrickyTix takes a small fee from the cost of every ticket sold.

That is about as complex as it gets. There are a few small to medium companies out there offering a similar service, and one 900 pound gorilla.

We believe our approach has a number of fundamental differences which position us to capture a previously untapped segment of the market, but I will go into much greater detail in future postings. Suffice to say, we are excited about the potential.

Visit the Anthill forum

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